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Back2D Friends&Foes

Mark 5's metaphoric electronical impulse #1 Mark 5's metaphoric electronical impulse #1
Our hero! It's the metaphoric pointer of the Mark 5's sourcecode! This is the one to be protected!
Mark 5's metaphoric electronical impulse #2 Mark 5's metaphoric electronical impulse #2
The brother of Mark 5's metaphoric electronical impulse #1! With his help, the whole quest doesn't seem so hopeless!
Lord Hendrik's beloved Housedragon Lord Hendrik's beloved Housedragon
Beware of this bloodhunting, green, flying something! It won't rest until it get's you! Hide behind walls!
BeetleBoerdgen BeetleBoerdgen
This foot-biting beetle can't fly! That's the only positive thing about it! It smells you! RUN!
Bordelworm Bordelworm
It patrols fixed routes! But don't underestimate it's speed! One touch is lethal!
Green Predi Green Predi
Rumours exist about this creature! People saw it flying through walls! But this are nothing than rumours....aren't they?
Blue Predi Blue Predi
This is the blue version of Green Predi. Noone who ever saw it survived! (Note: I am dead!)
Stoph Shooter Stoph Shooter
Another invention by Lord Hendriks grandgrandfather, C.C. Blechschaedel! It's bullets are aiming automatically! But it doesn't work properly, all the time! :)
Wetstone Sticks Wetstone Sticks
Watch out! Don't touch these! They are extremly...SHARP! ;)
Other Obstacles
Diamond #1 Diamond #1
Get 25 points for your score and 10 points for your health by collecting this diamond!
Diamond #2 Diamond #2
This one provides you with another 25 points but just 5 health points!
Diamond #3 Diamond #3
Try to grab this one to achieve 25 points and 15 health points!
Diamond #4 Diamond #4
Grab this one, and you'll be hell drunken! ;) Give it a try!
Heart Heart
The only aim of your quest is to collect each and every heart! They represent sourcecode that is OK! You need these! They're sufficient!! Additionally, you'll get 50 points!

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